Stumps Starting to Become an Eyesore?

Hire Concord, NC's McKenley Tree Care to remove them

Nobody likes being stuck with stumps after a tree has been removed. Luckily, McKenley Tree Care has the equipment and skill needed to safely grind away and remove all tree stumps from your property. Our team will assess the needs of your yard and determine the most effective way to eliminate your tree stumps. We’ll work efficiently and have all stumps gone before you know it!

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stump grinding concord nc

3 reasons to remove stumps from your yard

Concord, North Carolina's McKenley Tree Care can take care of troublesome tree stumps before they become a major problem. If left unchecked, stumps can:

  1. Continue to sprout and grow new trees
  2. Attract insects like ants, beetles and termites
  3. Trip up your family members and cause serious injuries

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