Promote Better Tree Health With Regular Pruning

Concord, NC’s McKenley Tree Care can tackle your tree trimming

Your trees play a major role in the overall look of your landscape, so make sure they’re getting what they need to thrive. McKenley Tree Care can come to your home or commercial property and prune your trees to promote better tree health! We’ll identify any area of dead or damaged wood and remove limbs that pose a threat to your property or your other trees. Your trees will look great all year long when our arborists are tending to them!

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4 benefits of pruning your property’s trees

4 benefits of pruning your property’s trees

Concord, North Carolina’s McKenley Tree Care knows the importance of tree maintenance. Regular pruning will:

  1. Eliminate unsightly or dangerous branches
  2. Increase tree strength and deflect winds from your home
  3. Create a healthier, stronger tree
  4. Extend the life of your trees

Hire our arborists to inspect and care for your trees. Schedule an appointment by calling 704-652-8152.